Skin/Leather or leather pictures arises from 2010, they belong to series of pictures-objects, from which a new serie has developed. In these pictures I use mostly a roe-doe or deer leather which is stretched on frame or wood board. Figural works I find the best for this material, cause it evokes context of animalism. By using this material I am trying to heal human karma, that was spoilt by death of these animals. I hope that with this mummification I prolong their lives on earth, as it was made in ancient Egypt. From Robert Runtak collection

detstvo a spomienky


2012, depilated leather, 15 x 17 cm


the portrait

2012, depilated leather, 27 x 45cm

chlpatá láska

the hairy love

2012, depilated leather, 17 x 15 cm


the VISA card

2013, depilated leather, 27 x 45 cm

citácia Sol Lewitta

the citation from Sol Lewitt

2012, depilated leather, 35,5 x 42,5 cm

Chlpatá deka

the hary rug

2012, depilated leather, 100 x 120 cm


the Eye

2014, depilated leather, 60 cm