Domestication - plants

"Most charged with emotions, Domestication is the cycle in which Kriššák best expresses himself as a story teller. In terms of motifs, Domestication involves plants and animals, and the artist presents his opinions rather than being an impartial observer. The key inspirational impetus was the essay Why Look at Animals written by John Berger in 1977, which exposes a drastic transformation of ‘the natural connection between man and nature’ as a result
of the loss of direct sight. Some canvases give a naïve or idyllic impression, although Kriššák solely depicts houseplants ‘imprisoned’ in pots and sentenced to eternal beautification, and pets left at the mercy of their owners. However surprising it might seem, this series is primarily motivated by a critical attitude and the fact that we, as the viewers, are not aware of the bias of our vision and only co firm it."

R. Wohlmuth


Monstera Deliciosa

Oil on canvas, 2018
230 x 200 cm



oil and glitter on canvas, 2017
160 x 130 cm

private collection


The Sansevieria

oil and glitter on canvas, 2017
200 x 140 cm


Monstera Deliciosa

oil and glitter on canvas, 2017
130 x 160 cm

Fikus II.

Fikus II.

oil and glitter on canvas, 2017
200 x 160 cm


The Ficus

oil on canvas, 2014
210 x 140 cm

Private collection

Palmové listy

the Palm leaves II.

oil on canvas, 2016
100 x 100 cm


The California

oil on canvas, 2015
120 x 100 cm